Delivery Restrictions

Due to several pandemic related issues or VAT changes with shipping during the year of 2021, we are having to work with shipping carriers and their service restrictions.


"The USPS is temporarily suspending deliveries across Australia, as its delivery service in the US begins to slow to keep up with the backlog. The temporary measure is a result of the pandemic and 'other unrelated service disruptions"


New Zealand

"USPS recently announced that they are suspending all services to New Zealand Friday, October 1st, and all shipments after this date will be returned to sender."


United Kingdom

Shipping to the UK has been suspended for now until further notice, due to recent VAT requirements.

"A change in how the UK will process imports starting on January 1, 2021, will affect many “low-value” shipments from non-UK based small business sellers and merchants to UK customers. In a nutshell, the UK is making it now the responsibility of merchants located outside the UK to collect VAT on every sale under £135 (about $180). Failure to do so can cause delivery delays and the shipment being returned to the seller. This new rule is especially problematic for US merchants that do not sell on marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon as the regulation requires marketplaces to collect and remit VAT. But marketplace sellers must properly declare items, even if they are not on the hook for collecting the tax."